Insulation Products

Pipe insulation/Lagging

Pipe insulation is primarily used for the insulation of water piping (hot or cold). Other applications include roof rack and yacht railing protectors, bike and cross bar covers, ect.


Features and properties:

  • Water resistant
  • UV treated
  • Insulative
  • Closed cell structure
  • Non-Absorbent
  • Wide temperature range -40'c to +90'c
  • Large scope of application
  • Flexible polyethylene foam
  • Wall thickness 10mm to 15mm
  • Energy saver
  • Geyser Jackets


     Features And Benefits:

    • DIY one size fits all
    • Installation instruction Leaflet included
    • SABS tested
    • Endorsed by Eskom
    • Flame retardant for internal and external use
    • Thermal installation of geyser and hot water pipes
    • Electricity and energy saver
    • Keeps water warm during a prolonged period

    Package includes:

    • 1 x 4 meter DIY geyser jacket
    • 1 x 10 meter foil tape
    • DIY instruction leaflet included


    Roofing Insulation

     Bubble foil roofing insulation has been developed with the aim of saving energy to reduce costs on mechanical heating and to maintain a comfortable temperature with in a building. Bubble foil is a radiant, thermal and vapour barrio all in one. The product is produced where 4 layers are laminated in line, using low density polyethylene with special additives and 98% pure aluminium foil.



    • light durable clean product and static free
    • flexible and east to install
    • irritant free
    • heat stable up to 88'c
    • No fungal growth
    • Flame retardant
    • UV stabilisers