General packaging

 Packaging Tape

2 colour options

  • Clear
  • buff

Standard size 48mm x 100m and 48mm x 50m.

Stretch wrap/Pallet wrap

Our high quality Cast film stretch wrap (pallet wrap) is manufactured in a variety of sizes and colours.


  • enhanced load stabilization
  • excellent clarity for product recognition
  • protects loads from moisture and dirt
  • cheaper than conventional cornering and strapping
  • manufactured to order (size and colour)
  • high stretch with good puncture resistance


  • machine roll (flush core)
  • hand roll (flush core)
  • extended core (handles for easy use)
  • All stretch wrap available in different widths, metres and microns.
Security and printed tape
Void Full Loose EPE foam chips used to full the empty spaces in a box to protect goods from moving around in the box.

Hand Strapping

Polypropylene Hand strapping is mainly used in manual applications and offer security to boxes. This strapping is suitable for lighter items that need added security. Different seals are used to secure the strapping and we also offer tooling options.

Semi Auto Strapping
Polypropylene Semi Automatic strapping is used for securing lighter boxes or parcels. Used specifically with Semi Automatic strapping machine.
Pet Strapping

Polypropylene (PET) Strapping is used for heavier products. Predominantly used in pallet applications. Shipping and freight companies use this to their advantage because of the strength to weight ratio. Also suitable replacement for steel strapping. We offer various automated tooling.

 Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is used for heavier products. Predominantly used in engineering and mining sector for securing pallets of steel. We have various manual tooling available.

Masking tape
Non- Woven Polypropylene