Packmax staff information

Below are details for Packmax employees. Details on starting dates and guidelines to follow when returning to work are below. Please read all the below guidelines before returning to Packmax.

All employees will be provided with a set of guidelines for Packmax as well as 2 Masks that are to be used when at Packmax. During the introduction meeting on your arrival day, Packmax management will supply all staff with a work schedule and details for activities during this time.

Any Employee that has any of the Covid-19 symptoms or has been in contact with anyone infected with Covid-19 are to contact Dane directly and are not to travel to Packmax.

Call Des or Dane if you need any other information

(Cell numbers Des - 0828880297 / Dane - 0718966265) 


Returning staff Monday 4th May 2020

 Meeting for all staff at 7:30 to discuss all new regulations for operating.

 Important information for staff returning to work.

1. Staff returning are to be screened on entry to Packmax. (If a staff member does not meet the screening criteria they will not be aloud on the premises.

2. All staff are to wear a mask at all times. (All staff are to use a cleaned and sanitised mask - Staff are to clean their masks daily as directed)

3. Social distancing by all staff. (Arrival/Tea and lunch will be staggered so staff keep to social distancing rules and regulations. 

5. Canteen seating will be allocated to a specific employee. No staff to set directly next to another staff memeber.

6. Shower and toilet breaks will be staggered so minimal staff in the locker rooms at one time.

7. Only staff requested are to enter Packmax. (staff arriving when not requested will be sent away)


8. General Covid-19 guidelines.